Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fairness in Sports

Maybe I can't figure out Jezebel's comments, but, it doesn't seem to want to take my comment  (I don't want to think that there is a delay or something in moderation).  So, I've been reading other comments, I came across some real genius logic.
From bearsandmuppets:
"There is no reason why we can't allow women to use better clubs in golf and compete at the same tees. There is no reason why we can't give women metal bats in baseball (if that would be safe). Or, just impose a 50/50 rule in sports. I don't really care. But, I do care that watching sports is like watching male dominance and homophobia put on display. There is absolutely no reason why we need to continue to glorify these values in society."

So, to conclude, women are just as kick ass as men. Therefore, we should alter the rules to accommodate them at the elite level.

Other commenters called her out on this, to which she replied, " I do want them to play by the same rules. The fact of the matter is you are demanding every current rule to be the essential rules of the game. When you play monopoly with someone who has trouble rolling dice, do you automatically exclude them because they can't do it without help? No. That's foolish. So is excluding major-money golf from women because they can't hit it as far. They put and have a short game that are equal. The heart of golf is how accurate you hit it, it doesn't have to be how far you can hit it"

Ok, the physical act of rolling the dice makes no difference in the game of Monopoly. That's like saying someone with no arms can't play chess because they can't move the pieces. If they can still say communicate "queens bishop to Kings knight 5" (if that makes sense) they can play chess and it makes no difference to their ability to play the game. Giving special clubs or bats to women so they can play professionally with men is more like the way I play chess with my six-year old by starting with no queen.  Perhaps it would be like giving someone Park Place or Boardwalk to give them an advantage.

Now, bearsandmuppets' logic does not seem out of place on an Internet comments board.  Perhaps she's too young to understand fairness.  However, GLP's new post about the Paycheck Fairness Act seems to suggest that the same logic is used in Washington. 

I admit that this Jezebel article is low-hanging fruit and the comments are even lower.  I have many more in depth posts to write, I just don't have time.

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