Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Christian Righteous Anger Bait - Pink Toenails

I came across this at Thinking Housewife.

I read a few of the 5,000 or so comments and it occurrs to me how unequipped Christianity is to deal with Liberal baiting tactics.  A quick perusal shows a roughly 5-7 to 1 ratio of supporters of Jennas to people upset by it.  Most of the supporters comments take the form of taunts toward anyone who takes offence to Jenna's actions - basically summed up as "So what ... Big deal ... Shut-up you ignorant fools".  When I read some of the earlier comments, a lot of people were posting religion soaked diatribes that just elicit howls of laughter and more ridicule.
This is what a Christian looks like to Jenna Lyons and the rest of the "gay-is-right" lobby.

It's the same for the woman who let her son dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo and then blogged about it.  What possessed her to post it to the world?  Simply to rile up the conservative masses so she and those like her can point out how "Homophobic" they are.  However, in Jenna Lyon's case there is a commercial interest.

I sent this article to a friend and he asked me what I thought, as a father of two boys.  I told him and he told me to check my homophobia.  It has nothing to do with that.  I'm not religious and I'm not homophobic.  That doesn't mean that I don't have a strong opinion about gender identity.  I find it sad to see someone trying to feminize her son while admonishing anyone who says it could be wrong. 

Kids are only forming their identities at that age - sexual or otherwise.  I seriously doubt these women had no part in their sons' propensities to form feminine identities.  The Daphne boy's mother stated that it was completely his own idea.  But, Jenna Lyon stats "Lucky for me, I ended up with a son who likes pink."  Really, she just ended up with the 1 in 1000 boys who likes to dress as girls.  So, now you can exploit him and show those precious, dainty toe nails to the world to sell more preppy shirts?

So, I have to admit that negative comments seem to have increased in skill, while the supporters seem to be more bewildering.  I couldn't resist posting a few comments despite not having enough time to finish this post (I'm going to be tired tomorrow).  Dr.Keith Albow provides a fairly decent admonishment, bringing up the point that it is also wrong to dress girls in slutty (my word) outfits.  Again, comments are mostly ridicule of his "ignorance".

Personally, I have nothing against gay people or gay lifestyles.  I believe that gayness is part of nature.  I simply find the extreme anti-gay crowd and the extreme pro-gay crowd are in this one-up-manship battle to see who can offend the worst.  Most of the people in the middle have the PC-indoctrination which means an inability to apply critical thinking to any issue and always siding with the pro-gay crowd lest you be seen as un-PC vis. Homophobic vis. hateful.  Yes people, you can criticize someone (even someone from an protected identity group) without impinging on their rights or being a hate-mongerer.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Dare a Judge Describe a Sex Crime in Detail

Although he's campaigning for the Liberals, I like this guy.  I know that during an election, everything is under the microscope and people will try to dig up dirt on anybody but basically, he sounds like a reasonable judge.

First, although minimum sentences for "sexual assault/rape" fit in well with the Conservative tough on crime agenda, this judge has spelled out why they would be harmful under the current definition of rape/sexual assault and that in fact there far too many degrees of severity of this crime category to even think about jail as a mandatory punishment.  I think everyone just gets queasy when they hear an old man describe a young woman's genitals being fondled, but he's a judge so he deals with such details as a matter of his job.

Second, I'm glad someone has the guts to speak up about corruption on Native Reserves.

Third, I haven't read anything about the supposed white rights activist Liberal candidate AndrĂ© Forbes, but it seems that the Liberals chose a good candidate to fight against the white (French) rights party of Quebec.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Slut March

So, a Toronto Police Officer told a "personal protection" class not to dress like sluts.  Now the backlash.  We're inundated with idiotic repetition of the mantra that 'Women can dress however they want' in newspapers, TV and radio.  Is it totally lost on the marchers that women's bodies are basically biological instruments that constantly send messages to others?  Is it not the case that dressing 'like a slut' only sends those signals more strongly and the signals specifically suggest sexual readiness?

In this day and age where it is almost impossible to criticize women, it is ALWAYS seen as victim blaming to suggest that a woman's behaviour has anything to do with her risk of rape.  It is ridiculous when it seems that the only thing a woman has to prove in some places is that she had one drink to many to provide consent.  I imagine (or I like to), that most victims of rape did not provoke it in any way in much the same way that most dog bites are unprovoked.  However, a little education (which the cop mishandled mightily) can go a long way in preventing both.

I've lived with big dogs since i was a small boy.  I've learned not to tease dogs through their fences or cages and not to look a nervous dog in the eye.  Maintain a height difference if possible and carefully hold your hand out lower than a dogs mouth to let him sniff you.  Usually, this will avert any aggressive behaviour but it does not always prevent it.

By feminist logic, I have no responsibility for any bites that occur if I wander near a dog park after soaking my clothes in the drippings of prime rib roast.  If I were to do so, it would not excuse the owner if I were to have my legs chewed off by his pit bull.  But, I nobody would ever tell me that it was a smart thing to do. 

In case you're confused about the analogy, the woman is the person soaked in beef juice, the dogs are men's libidos and the dog owners are the men themselves. Yes, each man is responsible for his behaviour and it doesn't matter what the circumstances are.  It is true that a woman could walk down the street with no clothes on whatsoever and that does not give any excuse for rape.  However, it should be acknowledged that said woman is sending a message by dressing (or not) in that manner.  The message clearly is inviting sexual advances. 

It's all well and good to go around saying that women have the right to dress how they please with out facing any consequences.  However, society has become unable to criticize women for any overt sexual behaviour at any age no matter how outrageous lest we provoke the kind of reaction found at the Slut March. (I think we've generally lost the ability to even think critically at all).  The bottom line is that I wouldn't want my daughter (if I had one) dressing like a slut, at least until she's mature enough to understand and deal with the consequences of sending those types of signals.  One point most people miss is that as a father of two boys, I am also concerned that my sons will be receiving such signals from young women before they are able to deal with them.  Nobody wants to acknowledge that aggressive female sexuality can have damaging impact on boys - well, at least nobody would care about that if it were acknowledged.
I find that the current dilution of the definition of rape, becoming synonymous with the broader term sexual assault, along with the campaigns such as the one above are hurting the real victims of rape by trying to include many normal (albeit negative) aspects of sexuality.  I mean, calling it rape when a girl has a few too many drinks and has sex because she is too inebriated to consent to sex is an insult to Kimberly Proctor and other victims of sexual psycopaths.