Saturday, December 1, 2012


I've written an article  about the Feminist Protest Art(?) up at AVFM.

Thanks to Paul Elam for encouraging me to write the article and thanks to Art Professor Pete Smith for inspiring it. I was struggling with the article, so I began writing a response to his letter-style comment of his. It began to get fairly long and I realized that this comment was the article I should post.

So far, the comments posted at AVFM nicely sum up the thoughts that I had that didn't make it into the article. I have to say, that this week has been very emotional. I was worried that something would be misinterpreted or I would say the wrong thing.

There has been a lot of second guessing and I sometimes wondered if the whole thing was a mistake. As I mentioned in the post, I initially tried to send the pictures in an email to an MRA, hoping they'd run with it, but I don't think the email went through. Paul also offered to write an article about it, too. In the end (if this is the end), I'm glad I wrote this article myself.

I have a lot of thoughts boiling up inside and I hope I have time to write them down. For now, I need to unwind. Trying to combat insanity like feminism is draining.