Thursday, November 29, 2012

Response to Feminist Protest Art(?)

OK, lot’s of comments to address. Now that the kids are off to bed, I have a tiny bit of time to take it all in and do my best to respond.

First of all Sailor Mars, it’s  hilarious that you think I’d post anonymously on my own blog. It’s an anonymous blog. So, you don’t think I’d post with my pseudonym? Or, do you think I’m the only crazy man walking this earth who actually challenges feminist bullshit? See, I work during the day. I don't have time to spout nonsense over at tumblr all day. I have what are called responsibilities - work, family - and I take them very seriously. Something I also take seriously is my responsibility as a citizen of a democracy. I know that the vast majority of people are willing to ignore people like you and all politics in general, but I'm not the vast majority. I see the damage that delusional people like you can cause and I'm willing to stand up to it.

So now I'm a Sailor Basher? Really laughing now. Let's see the replay. First, Sailor Venus came and called me "a fucking joke." I thought that was rather childish, so I responded in kind and she went away. Then Sailor Mercury had an equally mature comeback. So, I called my son's favorite cartoon character, Pikachu to come and lay some battle moves down. I guess that did her in and she's no longer able to battle. Then you come in with some serious shaming language and a accusation of hiding from an "authority" figure. I just got a chill, is the Kremlin involved now?

Also, DO YOU KNOW what catcalling even *IS*?
Oh. Oh. Oh. I know this one. Cat-calling is a tool of the Patriarchy used to subjugate women and let them know their place. It is not a call for sex, because women never, ever, ever respond in a positive way. All women are fearful of being cat called because it poses a threat and leads to rape.
Am I close?
I know you don't like having anything explained to you, so, for the rest of the readers (I know, I have readers now!) I'll provide an alternative opinion. You can just shuffle on back to your studio and collect those worthless credits.
Cat-calling is a low-class (sometimes demeaning) way of getting attention from women. It can work on certain women who like the attention from aggressive males. Most women are turned off, because it speaks to the low-class nature of the cat-caller. So, the cat-caller risks ever having a relationship whatsoever with a girl, even an embarrassing rebuke, if she doesn't like it, but since there are so many women and so many different kinds, he eventually finds success enough to continue the practice. It is all part of the mating ritual embedded in human nature.
Cat-calling can always be considered rude, however, it is seen as less inappropriate in certain circumstances, such as "clubbing" streets frequented by people in the "hook-up" culture during the club hours. In this circumstance, the street is considered a more dangerous extension of the clubs where people often go to meet people.
Recently, feminism has vilified most expressions of male sexuality and painted catcalling as nearly as bad as rape. The basis for the belief is Patriarchy Theory which states that rape and catcalling are part of a "rape culture." In this rape culture, rape and cat calling is supposedly about power, not sex. The culture allows and even encourages rape as a tool to keep the male position of power over women. However, if this were true, then there are a lot of rapists in jail wondering why society asked them to go around raping women and then betrayed them by throwing them in jail. Rape has always been illegal. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to prove in a court of law. Feminism, has used the fact that not all rape accusations (even false ones) result in convictions to support it's theory - preposterous.

Anonymous (Dear Pete Smith),
Thanks for putting it clearly and concisely. But, you know that the signs aren't sexist against men, don't you? The signs are cis-sexist. See, she doesn't want to rip Men's dicks off. She only wants to rip people who have dicks, dicks off. Not all people with dicks are men, so she's not being sexist against men... or something....

S.Mars (again) < It's important to point out that such a test would only be effective if gender equality was present (spoiler alert: it isn't),

So, when women become the oppressors (as Mike has argued they are now), would it be OK to say hateful things toward them again? Is hate speech defined as speech from a oppressive group toward an oppressed group? Interesting. When we HAVE equality, THEN we can start treating people equally. Until then, hate away, right?

Now to the art professor Pete Smith:
I find your existence sad. Not that you're a painter or an art professor - I appreciate art as well as anyone. But, the fact that you encourage students to behave like this without trying to temper their hatred, words or actions with compassion. That you are using a publicly funded institution to spread this hate is disgusting. Not surprising, mind you. All of academia is infected with feminist theory these days.

I did not want all of this attention. I was actually reflecting on whether my mild pre-occupation with feminism and men's rights was an over-reaction. When I saw your student's posters, however, posters like those really justify the entire men's movement. You see, they prove that feminists do not get enough scrutiny. They expect that their ideas are just unquestionable. That is why I had to post the pictures.

Your last paragraph is funny really. It reminds me of my very first post here. Go and read it, I actually used the word patriarchal. I began writing because I was worried about a way of life. I wanted to examine that way of life and hopefully save it. I like it here (admission: I don't really live on a cul-de-sac, it's a crescent). I like my neighbours (who are not all white). I like that I can afford a house here with some grass around it and still have access to fields and facilities for my kids to enjoy sports, art and other activities. It's a struggle and I've always worked hard and sacrificed to be able to enjoy this lifestyle. I suffer for it. I know you may suffer for your art as well. I wish you well in that. You can live in the city, but the city runs because of people like me who work hard. I don't know why you feel such bitterness towards me and others like me. But, I ask you to please, please stop spreading it to the youth who look up to you.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Feminist Protest Art(?)

So, I was walking along a Toronto street last week when an interesting sign caught my eye. I immediately stopped and did a double take and noticed some more interesting signs in the street level window display.  I stood there reading the signs in disbelief.  I had never been so face to face with feminist misandry before (well, at least not since University).  The place appeared to be an artists studio with many work stations with drafting boards and art supplies.  I looked at some other visible stations and some displayed pieces of modern art, but this one was the only one that had political messages. 

I kicked myself for not carrying my smart phone with me, but, I was able to return the following day to snap some photos.  I'll let you judge what the messages mean.  I apologize for the glare, but the lights were out in the basement studio and it was a bright day outside. I did not want to stick around too long with this kind of mad person lurking.

This is the one that initially caught my eye.

This one is the most disturbing.  (Do NOT compliment this woman on her fashion sense).
In case you can't read the other photo.

A lot of  thoughts went through my head.  As a blogger, one that is loosely affiliated with the manosphere, I immediately planned to post the pictures here. I worried, however, that there was some danger in posting these.  What if this sparked a controversy?  It definitely would if a man was saying this about women.  Somehow, this woman feels justified in advocating aggravated sexual assaut, genital mutilation and humiliation for the "crime" of saying, "Hey, you're looking mighty fine."

I decided to email these to an MRA and see what she thought about it.  I have not had a response, so, here I am, posting about my experiences.
The wall was covered in posters.  It looked like a Slut Walk staging area.

Presumably, whoever is responsible, likely thinks of this entire display as "art". The pink punching bag, the baseball bat decorated with glittery stars.  But, anyone can stensil slogans on bristol board.  I guess it takes a feminist art degree to use a heart shape so ironically.

I am lucky that I got these photos when I did, because, the cat calling sign has been removed along with the Kill Your Rapist poster.  Who would have thought that it wasn't a good idea to display threats of murder and assault in a public window?  I don't know why they were taken down, maybe someone complained directly.  I thought of calling the Police myself.  Even though I am a staunch defender of free speech, the messages could be interpreted as an illegal threat.  Even though Canada has strong anti-hate-speech laws, it is hard to imagine that messages with an anti-rape theme would get called to a human rights tribunal, even though, this is the epitome of hate speech.  Besides, they don't look like they have a lot of money.

Today, the posters on the wall are different, but, in some ways, more hateful.
Oh, those awful nice guys are after you.

In a world where you can be arrested for being Shrodinger's Rapist (H/T Neckbeard Chronicles - adieu good sirs), how is one to interpret the messages displayed here, on a busy street with plenty of foot traffic?  When rape can defined as having sex with a woman who's had one drink too many, can this be considered a demand for a legal way to commit murder?

The fact the someone feels justified in making this display is a sign that feminist hatred of men has gone too far.  To the casual observer who might agree that rape justifies murder, if it can stop the rape, these signs might seem harmless or even funny.  To someone who follows the current thinking common and understands the nuances and double-speak, this is highly disturbing.