Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feminists Attack Trans-Gendered Film

I'll probably never see this movie but I read this OP about it on one of my favorite skewed-opinion websites. I don't know what it is about feminists, but I've always been fascinated with them in the same way that I'm fascinated with religious people the difference being that I find it even harder to hold my tongue with feminists than with traditional religious believers which is why I read the articles. Many are interesting, some are disturbing.

I decided that this piece posted by someone named Jos required a response. However, my registration seems to be taking to long so I'm posting it here.

Luna has claimed he didn't know the word is an offensive slur -- a clear sign he is not someone we want making a film about trans women.
Fortunately, "you" don't choose who makes a film about anyone. Nobody holds a copyright on the identity of trans women. If you want to create a character, please go ahead. Then nobody can make a movie about her without your approval. By your logic, as a white, married father, I should protest the makers of just about every sitcom in the last 10 years for portraying us as lazy, unintelligent slobs. What a hurtful stereotype.

Censorship is dangerous. It is not acceptable to attempt to silence other's opinions because they don't conform to our own. Even if they are expressed in a way that you think makes light of a serious subject.

Last week, the word Transgender was a proper term and this week you changed the rules "('transgenders' is not accurate or accepted terminology)" so now the director is ignorant? Last check, it's still included in the ever-growing Acronym-from-hell, LGBTTIQQ2SA.

You are far better off, continuing your criticism in a constructive way or better yet, writing, producing and/or financing a movie that meets your standards. My guess, is that it will be a lot more boring than TTWK. This whole idea that all art must present a positive image of whatever group is represented is harmful and counterproductive