Thursday, May 6, 2010

End The Embargo on the Canada's Renewable Resources

There is a natural resource that is found on the North Eastern shore of North America. Every year, the resource comes to the shore where it can be harvested by brave rugged who have relied on this resource for generations to support their families and communities, living in harmony with nature. Carefully managed, this resource can continue to supply revenue and food to these communities indefinitely.
This harvest is used to make oils, nutritional supplements, fine clothing and food.
But all is not idealic in these communities. The way of life is under attack by outsiders bent on ending the industry. The harvesters are beseiged by activists, some who even helicopter out to the ice flows to produce propaganda urging governments to take every effort to stop them. In fact, one of the largest world governments was coerced through misinformation to place a trade embargo on the products.
Why are people so intent on stopping this eco-friendly, sustainable practice?
Look into those eyes. Are you crying yet?

Why do we transfer human sympathies onto animals? Why do we those emotions get in the way of clear thinking?

Look at the blood in this video. This is meant to disgust you just like pictures of holocaust victims or Hiroshima footage. BUT THESE ARE NOT HUMANS.

Nobody likes looking at animals being slaughtered, but that is life. No one is making you club a seal, so don't act like the "sins" of these people will make you go to hell.

Animal Rights Fundamentalism is blind, has no basis in reality and has NOTHING to do with environmentalism.