Saturday, June 2, 2012

Everyone Else Links with Jezebel, Why Can't I?

GLP linked to this zaniness at Jezebel.  Talk about grasping at straws.

My comment posted:
"When I was a kid, there was no WNBA. There were no female professional athletes."

The latter is simply not true - there were professional female figure skaters, skiers, gymnast/acrobats, synchronized swimmers.  Girls usually excel at different sports than boys. Not all of them are big spectator sports.

The study quoted takes a single data point from one sport - freestyle swim times - and extrapolates a wild conclusion - that girls at age 8 are just as good as boys at all sports.  It doesn't warrant explanation that personal best scores at age 8 are more indicative of how much training was done as 8 year-olds are still learning and developing basic skills and technics - despite the assumption that freestyle eliminates the training element and is "more likely to be influenced by muscle function".

I've coached young children in soccer and T-ball and, although there are some really good girls at young ages, most young girls are not nearly as good as average boys at the same age.  This is despite their aggressive, pushy mothers desperate that their 5-year-old girl must play elite-level sports one day.  It was no surprise when a local soccer club decided to split the boys and girls into separate leagues even at 3&4 years old.  I think it will have a positive affect on the girls divisions in times to come since less will be frustrated by playing against boys.

Finally, since when was a tie the same as kicking someone's ass? [end comment]
I guess Jezebel hasn't heard of the trend of injuries among Warrior Girls.
Femaleathlete is sensitive to criticism about her appearance.  Even though she's no model, she is probably at least a 6 or a 7 on the looks scale.  (Realistically speaking, not in the unrealistic scale that guys seem to use - i.e. perfect 10's don't exist and the hottest 2% score above 8 and 5 is average looking).  I distribute all women evenly on the scale - the top 10% are 10's, 10-20% are 9's etc.  Addlington is nowhere near ugly, especially judging by some of the photos posted by commenters [boob-flash].  I imagine that any athlete would want to avoid distractions before the biggest event in her career, so, I can't say I blame her for staying off twitter during the Olympics.  I'll just say that the Internet is a cruel, cruel place.  Don't post pictures of yourself unless you're willing to be humiliated.

Jezebelsuggests that 20-somethings consider freezing their eggs to ensure optimal fertility.  Don't consider, egad, seeking an older, stable mate and having children before you're thirty.  That's crrrrraaaaaaaazzzzzyyyyy talk.

Aging, one-hit-wonder, teen-pop-star, Alanis, reborn-as-pseudo-intellectual-hippie-chick, flash-in-the-pan, alternative-pop-star Alanis Morrisette is into attachment parenting [Boob-flash].  I don't think much of most of the attachment parenting philosophy (Mommy and Daddy need room in bed just to sleep, let alone get busy, so, letting kids sleep in their bed is just not going to work), but, I still love to see feminists so divided about a movement that both elevates The Female and encourages traditional roles at the same time.  There's just something so OPPRESSIVE about humanity since children leach so shamelessly off of their mothers.  If I could design a species, I tell ya, they'd be mowing the lawn by the time they were 12 months old.

Of course, everything about the Alanis piece speaks to her love for her child and the fact that she wants what's best for him, except the fact that she named him Ever.

[update:  I DID post that comment at Jezebel, but, it seems to have disappeared.  So, I've reposted.  See if anyone notices now.]

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