Friday, January 17, 2014

Over A Year Has Passed

It has been over a year now since I confronted misandry onthe streets of Toronto at the OCAD campus on Richmond St. and wrote my famousAVFM article. I haven’t had time to address any of what the artist has been saying at her Tumblr blog that I inspired. I’ll try to be concise and then just move on because I don’t want to just be an anti-feminist blogger.
I am tired of fighting feminism. The entire ideology has been disproven. There was a time that I believed feminism was based on trying to achieve equality, but, it has obviously become a vehicle for destruction of the Western, free-market civilization. By indoctrinating followers with illogical arguments that do not hold up against demonstrable facts of biology, it has made itself academically irrelevant. It exists only to employ professors because it is politically necessary to appear sympathetic to the cause of women and feminism is handy that way. However, feminism, and the political decisions made to accommodate it are destructive to men and women. Feminists, indoctrinated as they are, are blind to these facts. So, it is basically useless to fight feminism. The only thing that makes sense in this environment is to strengthen your own culture and wait for the feminists to try and take the fight to you. Feminism’s fortress has been routed, the walls knocked to the ground, but the defenders insist that their defenses still stand. There is no sense trying to destroy that which has already been destroyed, bulldozed over and dynamite blasted, even if the defenders insist that it is indestructible.
So, I'll just like to take a last chance to address the issues raised in my interaction with the revered artist.
1. Rape Culture
The artist mounted an epic defense against my claim that rape culture doesn’t exist with a resounding argument which I’ll paraphrase, “Because, uh, it does exist.” How eloquent.
Well, let me explain how Canada does not have a rape culture. Rape is illegal. Rape is actually treated more seriously than murder in some ways. Why? Because murder can often be caused by a fight between equals. Two drug dealers, say. The murderer is seen as dangerous and locked away, but, he maintains some honour from the street. Rapists get no such respect.
But culture is not just the laws, you say. Well, laws are an extension of the culture, but, I’ll accept that the relationship is not 100%. To show how rape is not a part of our culture, look at how much shame is heaped upon the crime. Rapists are simply excommunicated from the culture.
2. Nice Guys Rape
The artist made this statement on a giant pink poster. She also wrote a pointless essay defending it which I’m not really going to acknowledge here other than to say that just because someone appears charming does not mean that they are, in fact, nice which seemed to be the crux of her argument.
To think that someone could be nice and also be a rapist, you must either devalue the term rape and deem it possible to rape someone and not mean any harm or claim that rapists can intentionally cause harm and still maintain the standing of a "nice guy" in society.
First, it is not rape to have sex with someone who was drunk but conscious and enthusiastic. It is not rape to have sex with someone who seemed willing, but who felt uncomfortable afterward. To rape someone, I would argue that a person must know that the other person did not want sex but went ahead anyways. That takes care of the first case – the “accidental” rapist who was really a nice guy but didn’t know any better doesn't exist.
Now to see if someone can be considered a nice guy and be a rapist (intentionally harming the victim), consider this statement:
“My friend is a nice guy. He only rapes his girls he knows really well.”
Does that statement conform or conflict with Western culture?
Now think back to a time and a place when slavery was widely practiced – the Southern U.S. around 1850 – and consider this statement:
“My friend is a nice guy. He treats his slaves almost like regular people.”
In the context of that culture, that statement would be plausible. Today, we recognize that slavery is an abomination and is not tolerated. Nobody could be considered nice if they treat anyone like a slave.
Now think of a place that currently exists which could possibly be a rape culture – Saudi Arabia – and consider this statement.
“My friend is a nice guy. His wife is not good though, so he raped her and beat her a little to keep her in line, according to the Koran. She has behaved well since then.”
See the difference?
3. I Am Not a Stalker
Now, I’ll address the accusations and labels that have been applied to me on the artist's Tumblr site. Apparently, she thinks I am a stalker. Stalker is a very strong word which is basically defined as recurring criminal harassment. I would like to just point out that I have not done anything close to harassment. I know it's easy for feminists to apply dehumanizing terms to men they do not like, but, this is a stretch.
I’ll just list the activities that are causing me to be labelled a stalker. I took photos of a window display visible from a public street. I posted these photos on my blog. I found traffic to my blog from a Tumblr website. I clicked on those links. I read the Tumblr pages and found that I was being discussed. I monitored the website to see what else was being said about me. On occasion, I wrote posts in response. If this activity makes me a stalker, then, there are a lot of stalking going on in this darn Internet thing. I mean there are a lot of people posting photos of stuff on the Internet and clicking links to blogs writing about the stuff they posted. Even including the artist and owner of the Tumblr site herself could be considered stalking me. She didn't take photos, but, she visits my Blog from time to time. She even used my words as inspiration for her name.
Apparently, the attention that I paid to her art caused her a lot of stress. She even said that the stress was worse than what she felt from a personal assault that she also experienced. I would feel bad if I had caused anyone this kind of stress. However, I have not done anything to cause stress that bad. The artist is so conditioned to accept the role of victim that she feels powerless and this causes her stress, not me.
The biggest problem with feminism today is its embrace of victimhood. Accepting the roll of a victim creates a fixed mindset in a person. Once that mindset takes hold, a person feels less powerful and less able to deal with normal problems. It’s an agency robbing label, making the people feel like they are less able to affect the world around them and that they need help dealing with other people. The powerlessness increases the stress level since the “victim” now feels like the world or someone is out to hurt them. Reinforced by the positive support of the rest of the victim culture, the person sinks deeper into the identity of the victim.
This is why feminism is so destructive to the women who fall for its lies. Seeing victimization everywhere, its followers are handicapped. Instead of making them stronger, it turns them into weaklings. The best thing that feminism could do to regain relevance in the modern world is to stop promoting victimhood and to start teaching women to focus on their individual strength and power.
I did nothing to warrant the accusation of stalker, but, since I’m a man and I’m not being nice to you, any bad label will do. All I did really was critique some art. If that causes you this much stress, then I have some advice for you:  don’t create art and share it publicly or display it in public places. It will be difficult to be an artist if this is the case, so you might want to pick a different career. Artists tend to be sensitive, but, their need for attention and desire to communicate their thoughts and feelings overpowers their fear of criticism. You certainly crave attention, but, you will probably find some thicker skin to be helpful, especially if you insist on creating politically provocative art. Take it from the Old Hero. Thick skin can be extremely useful.
Don’t forget that I gave you a positive review of your work “How Do You Protect Yourself At Night?” You know the one with the baseball bat? Well, I agree that self-defense is important and a much better strategy than those Slut-Walk supporters. Imagine, advising people to walk around with provocative clothing with no thought for defending yourself. Insane if you ask me.
Finally, I’m going to take this opportunity to apply a label to you, since you insist on labelling me. You are an acolyte. You are most certainly an acolyte of the hateful religion of feminism. Subjected to rote memorization of the catechisms of Cultural Marxist doctrines, trained to turn your painful experiences into hatred you are a warrior for the cause of female empowerment. Now you take part in their rituals and spread the word, fighting anyone who challenges the doctrines.
It’s sad really. You can’t use reason to counteract the spell of feminism and any reason you have has been disabled by the straight-jacket like thinking of feminism its victim worship. I guess you could say that you are a victim of feminism. It’s tough to admit since it is mostly your own doing. But society doesn’t really help when it refuses to allow real scrutiny to be applied to feminism. It must feel good to be a part of something that tells you that you are special. Don’t feel bad. You are so young that you still have most of your lifetime to recover. The first step away from a cult is the hardest. Once you understand that you don't need them and you are stronger without them, it gets much easier.
Now, I hope to move on from this chapter. I think I’ve said all I need to.