Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feminists Are OK With Having It Both Ways

I'm going to attempt to clear up some confusion about the subject of feminism.  I've noticed a lot of people attempting to discuss matters reasonably and make sound arguments about the fallacies of feminism only to be shouted down by supposedly enlightened feminists about the "realities" that women face preventing them from achieving true Equality tm.  I was once confused, but, I am starting to understand the true desires of feminists.  Part of what I attempt to do with this blog is to get my own thoughts straight by exploring ideas. 

Most posts start out with a question or thought to explore.  I have only done this sporadically, because, I have more important duties to my family, my employer (which I require to fulfill duties to my family) and finally to myself (yes, I take time to play hockey, sleep and explore ideas about health because I sure can't trust the Guburnment to do that.)  My intention is not to give definitive, conclusive or exhaustive opinions or information - although I would love to be able to if I had the luxury of time and the discipline.  I'm satisfied to raise a topic, question prevailing beliefs or thoughts, get a few points in and leave the reader (hello, reader, are you there?) a unsettled feeling that hopefully urges them to seek out the answers themselves.  They (the answers, not the readers) are out there.

Now, back to Rush Limbaugh and what he said about Sandra Fluke (rhymes with look).  For those of you who never follow feminist issues, and those of you who do but have been in a coma for the last week,  Sandra Fluke is the brainwashed law student at the Jesuit school, Georgetown University, who testified at a special Democrat congressional hearing set up just for her that Georgetown's medical insurance must cover birth control pills.  Many characters have been pixelated on this already, so, I won't go into the argument too deeply.  Basically, Fluke says that birth control is a "medical need" and the Big Guburnment needs to force her insurance provider to pony up the cost of her prescription birth control, even if the sponsor is Catholic and philosophically opposed to birth control.  How's that for freedom of religion?

So, you're wondering, why can this seemingly intelligent woman who believes so strongly in standing up for one's rights that she travels to Washington to read a well-prepared speach to demand what she sees as a right hold such a fallicious argument?  How can she not see that birth control is not a right, but a choice and that this is only being used as another wedge issue to destroy more of the foundation of Western Civilization?  Well, I have an answer, but, you'd better take a deep breath and sit down.


Feminists want women to be taken care of.  Yes, for all of the independance and equal rights they've fought for, feminists still think that women need to have their needs looked after by others.  Fluke is the perfect example of someone pleading to have her needs met by others while she pursues her independance. 

Is that not having it both ways?  This is only one example of the miriad issues where feminist fight to have the needs of women met, by the state, in order to pursue their individual independance.  No bother to question who pays for it, or who gets to have their rights impinged so that feminist rights can be forwarded.  We want independance and we want you to give it to us!

I've been watching GirlWritesWhat's youtube posts lately and one of the most important points she makes is the desire for feminists to gain all sorts of new power and equality while keeping the protection afforded to women under the big bad patriarchy.  The freedom and safety of women has always been a gauge of a civilization's capabilities.  In fact, the halmark of civilization is the protection of women.  However, somehow, feminism has managed to twist it around to make it look as though civilization was harmful to women.  In this way, we have been hoodwinked into thinking that women are owed a great retribution justifying all sorts of measures that benefit women and often harm men.

So, when Limbaugh jumps all over this girl and her obviously flawed argument with an over the top attack, he was falling into a trap. Fluke and her supporters laud her for standing up and coming forward with her thoughts, however, still want to shield her from the backlash for making such a silly argument. However, this is politics. It isn't nice and civil. Nobody gets to play without being subjected to ridicule. Except, that Fluke isn't in politics. She's just a lowly law student, poor and struggling. Well, when Rush made his remarks, he awarded plentiful points to every liberal politician and pundit to stand up and defend this poor girl. Why? Because feminists still believe women should be protected.

When I was in grade school, we had the only school I have ever heard of that allowed snowball fights. There was a specific area where, if the snow was fresh and deep, the principal allowed the older grades to throw snowballs at eachother. The only rule was, if you went in, you couldn't leave. Some kids inevitably tried to run in and get their throws in and then run out where snowballs were not allowed. The principal would speak up and force them to either stay in or stay out. I think this lesson is lost on Fluke.

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