Monday, October 17, 2011

Three Random Guys With Swords in France

I remember sitting around with my fellow English Lit. majors at university wondering what we'd do after we graduated.  I was a bit lost in my youth, so I didn't think too much about my career except to say that I'd be a writer (well, this is it).  One of my friends said the ultimate job would be to collect her PhD and go to Hollywood to consult on films.  While that did sound like a cool career, there was something unappealing about trying to convince some hotshot Hollywood director how to get a nuanced reference to classic literature just right when all they wanted to do was flash boobs and guns across the screen and wait for the box-office returns to roll in.

Seeing trailers like this for Paul W.S. Anderson's version of The Three Musketeers confirms all of my worst fears.  It pains me to think that several people with a PhDs were probably used in the background for this film, although Alex Litvak and Andrew Davies get credit for the screenplay.  I could not have stomached working on a piece of crap like this - shot in 3D, of course.

It's long been known that nothing is sacred in this world.  People who hold passionately to truth or accuracy are basically dismissed as snobs and told to lighten up.  But what is more disturbing than the desctruction of truth and culture?  Nobody really takes things seriously, but the messages underlying movies like these are not subtle.

I haven't seen the movie and hopefully, will never have to part with my own money in order to see how bad this movie actually is.  Maybe I'll forget about my mini-rage when I saw 17th century swash-buckling air-ship captains and female assassins in this little trailer. 

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