Sunday, October 16, 2011

OWS Is the Appitome of VNP

OneSTDV outlines the media's different responses to OWS compared to the Tea Party.  One group seeks to bring down civilization and it's "broken" systems while the other is trying to save them.  Yet, the one seeking a violent overthrow (cleverly disguised as a "non-violent protest") is portrayed as a struggle for justice by a patriotic group of intelligent, passionate youth while the Tea Party is painted as a sinister, backward group of hate-mongers. 

The Reason is Very Nice Politics.  The left is full of Very Nice People(VNP) with Very Nice Politics(VNP).  The media is full of VNP with VNP.  If you ask a person why they like the ideas of Leftist politics, you'll usually get something like, "I think we need to do what we can to help people/make things better/make things fair/make things safer."  So, any government action is justified as long as its intention is to make the world a NICER place.  The catch is that the actions do not necessarily make the world better for most people in the long run.  The desire to do nice things, however, gives politicians an easy way to get votes and portray themselves in a nice light.  Even if the action is horribly wrong-headed and the result is disasterous, the politician a hero because he was trying to do something nice.  To criticize the results and point out how wasteful or useless it was is to say that you don't care about the people or cause he was working so hard for.

So OWS, even though their ideas,when they are coherent, are generally ridiculous they are treated as heros.  While, I am glad that people are causing us to take another hard look at the excessive liberties taken by members of Wall Street, I'm annoyed that so much credit has been given to the VNP's of OWS, while the Tea Party, who actually have some coherent, realistic messages, are dismissed as crazy.

I'm including the picture on OneSTDV's post because it just says it all.

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