Thursday, June 2, 2011

Insanity = Animal Rights > People's Rights

Imagine you walk into your back yard to see a gang of wild animals desecrating your property (no, I'm not talking about gangs of male hoodlums.  I'm talking about a mother raccoon and her kids.  City dwellers tend to think of them as cute critters and part of the community, ignoring the serious issues they cause.  They are actually filthy, disease carriers and viscious when confronted.

In Toronto, one of the most liberal cities in North America, you will be hauled away in handcuffs and charged with weapons offences for defending your property from them.  Apparently, the laws in Ontario are simply ridiculous.   According to The Star, you are not allowed to move them more than one kilometer, if you trap them.  I've never studied wildlife, but I can't see that one kilometer - about 3/5ths of a mile being very far for a raccoon.  You can't remove babies if they're less than 6 weeks old (I guess drowning them is a big no-no).  Meanwhile, having a wildlife service remove a family could cost you over $1,000.  Here we are with a well meaning government regulation basically removing our rights and making us helpless to defend ourselves.  Home owners are supposed to throw their hands in the air, call someone and fork over a wad of cash if their homes are being invaded.  Here is another example where people are required to defer their own protection (much like they have personal responsibility) to other people - the so-called professionals.  Am I alone in wanting to be able to take a matter into my own hands once in awhile without being afraid of incarceration?

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