Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Gay Marriage Comment on OneSTDV

I am as addicted to commenting on One's blog as he is to blogging.

Conservatives have a problem confronting certain parts of human nature, just like liberals have a problem confronting others.  Homosexuality is a natural part of human nature.  I can think of many evolutionary benefits that have guaranteed a small number of the population is gay or has gay potential at any one time in evolutionary history.

The conservative reaction to homosexuals is similar to its reaction to drugs. It can't square the fact that some people have homosexual urges just as it can't square the fact that some people like to experience altered states of mind. Although both come with issues that must be acknowledged, conservative ideology causes more problems trying to "stamp the problems out" to "protect the children".

Marriage is unpopular because girls are told it's oppressive, and boys are scared of the unfair consequences of a whimsical change of mind by their wife. On the other hand, boys have had their male role models publicly flogged for their supposed misogyny. So, the many males who become married fathers are foolish enough to fall into the lifestyle traps such as drinking, affairs that turn them into horrible husbands and fathers leading to divorce.

The war on masculinity is often juxtaposed with the fight for gay rights. Although the combatants are often the same, the battles should be separated.
To me, this is a much bigger threat to the future of family and marriage - a family not willing to teach positive, healthy gender identities as outlined by society.

If gay couples can accept the truth about the nature of gender differences, then I think they can be good parents. I have strong doubts, however, that all of them conform to the Hollywood sales pitches like the TV show Modern Family.

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