Friday, November 15, 2013

Selling Pride

I commented over at Uncle Bob on his post about Promiscuity as Self Mutilation. I appreciate it when people attempt to inspire good behavior in others. Of course, all the reactionary blogosphere can do is react negatively to the disgusting behavior around them. Liberals love it because they get to chastise the reaction as judgmental. Being judgmental is one of the worst things possible in the liberal mindset. If you're truly open minded, you don't say anything about the behavior of others - unless they're filthy rotten conservatives. Then you can have at it.

Commenter Glen Filthie raises a good point that it is a hard sell to young people when you're competing with all of the partying and hoopla offered by the other side.

Think about what your morals and ethics offer to today's young man:

critical thinking
self restraint
responsibility to others
work ethics

It's true, I respond, but you're missing the key ingredient in the sales pitch - pride. Go and read it there.

It is true that I am trying to instill pride in my son. I think this is the utmost importance in his healthy development. A proud person will have no fear facing difficult situations with critical thinking. A proud person will make the responsible decision, showing self restraint. A proud person will keep his responsibilities to others and develop a strong work ethic.

A proud person would never rape someone. Why would he lower himself to such a horrible crime?

A proud person would never steal. He doesn't need to take something he hasn't earned from someone who has.

A proud person wouldn't assault someone, although he would certainly be willing to fight for a just reason. Harming another person causes harm to oneself.

A proud person will always make the best decision for himself which means making the best decision for those around him.

A proud person will not destroy themselves with promiscuity instead of seeking loving relationships.

Pride, as long as it is balanced by the right level of humility will guide one through life's challenges and help overcome temptations along the way. Bring back pride.

It is nearly impossible to sell good, restrained behavior without allowing the well-deserved feelings of pride  as a reward. It's time that we start promoting pride as a positive emotion that everyone deserves to feel - if only they behave in a way that builds pride.

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