Friday, October 25, 2013

Twisted By Knaves to Make a Trap For Fools

Now two men have been called up in front of the feminist firing line too feed the pious cravings of the masses. Paul Elam bravely appeared on ABC's 20/20 to be roasted like a Thanksgiving bird for the pleasure of the main stream media audience. (Has that aired yet? I can't view it online in Canada.) Now Gavin McInnes has appeared on Huffington Post Live to be tarred and feathered by the self-righteous inquisitors of the Church of Social Justice. The entire mano/alt-right sphere might as well be a flock of roosters to the elite liberals they were facing - all they'll hear is roosters crowing. See, it doesn't matter what you want to say to these people, they will not listen to anything that doesn't conform to their world view. If you start to challenge their pre-conceived notions, they will quickly put you into one of the categories of daemons that can be disposed of without due process.

Seriously, you have no right to share this planet with them. You should just stop taking up oxygen that could be used by some young open-minded gullible student who is willing to just accept the truths presented by their sociology professors and get on living in the brave new world. In their minds, you've given them the right to destroy you and pretend you never existed.

To them, you are outdated. You represent the powerful old-guard, afraid of threats. Thomas Sewell said, in Intellectuals and Society, that one of the technics that intellectuals will use to discount the reasoned arguments of those not espousing the anointed vision is to project emotional motivations upon the presenter of the argument, reducing their logic into emotion that can be brushed off. Count how many times Mary Anne Frank referred to Gavin's fear. Funny, I didn't sense any fear in him. All of the panelists completely missed the nuance, not hard when it's Gavin's nuance is masked by his showmanship, and plopped him into the evil category and went on spouting their nonsense about there not being any differences between the sexes. 

I think Gavin could have done a better job of making his points, but, it wouldn't have mattered. Personally, I would have stated outright that the attempts to stunt masculinity are damaging to men, boys and society. The ivory tower ideas being forced on society are trying to reverse the realities of nature and turning people into neurotic fools. I would have asked them to face the problems that feminism is causing to both men and women - and he did bring up the problems faced by women, but it was supposed to be a show about masculinity.

Look at Hugo Schwyzer. The man was raised by a feminist single mother to be basically ashamed of his masculinity. When it inevitably began to form, it was psychopathic. Without a strong example of masculinity and permission to explore his own masculinity, he never learned to express and control his own emotions and he turned into the fraud artist we all know and mock.

Mary Anne Frank believes that masculinity is just a construct. She states that there are no innate differences and we are moving to a healthier society. How, please tell, can we be healthier if we deny our own nature which rules us?

I am coming to realize that it is pointless arguing with feminists. I am still not done yet, though. I realize that it is impossible to defeat those who will not admit they've lost; victory should not be the goal when arguing with feminists. The first goal should be to make them uncomfortable - they have felt free range to spout idiotic tenants of an disproven theory and they should no longer feel that their BS will go unchallenged because of the sympathy garnered for women. The second goal should be to show those watching that it is ok to challenge feminism with observable facts.

Gavin allowed himself to be made fun of. That's not that bad. Enough people understand what he's saying even as the three effeminate men and the woman guffaw and laugh arrogantly to gain some new supporters. I think it is entirely reasonable to call someone a fucking idiot when they're being a fucking idiot and insulting you by putting words in your mouth. They chose him specifically because he is known for being outrageous. That makes him easy to mock as long as they continue to misrepresent his ideas - remember he's a daemon who no longer exists in their world. It would have been more constructive to calmly point out that they were putting words in his mouth, but, allowing them to mockingly dismiss truth presented so will, eventually, backfire.

Contrary to what these people say, we still need men who are tough, as Gavin argues. They seem to be under the impression that the world is suddenly going to turn nice and then everyone will begin working together. They don't really believe this. If they have children, they're enrolling them in competitive sports, fighting classes, dance classes, gymnastics and extra studies, precisely to prepare them for the tough world ahead of them. They simply have to spout this rhetoric to keep their positions in the hierarchy of madness that is the Politically Correct Left.

The ivory tower priests act high and mighty, but, they are simply the knaves that all men must learn to bear.

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