Sunday, July 17, 2011

Women are Mindless - You heard it From a Feminist

I was bouncing around YouTube and sure enough, I started clicking on links with the F-Word in it.  I clicked on a clip  on the history of panty hose and shaving legs.  Now listen carefully, at 4:30.  She asks, "So, why do women shave their underarms and shave their legs? Advertising.  Advertising plays such an important role in influencing our society."  Well, ther you have it.  Women spend countless hours and dollars getting those smooth legs and underarms because they do exactly what to people on the idiot box or some magazine article tells them.

Interesting.  Now, I just realized that I drag expensive razors across my stubbly face every day for no other reason than to do what I'm told.  When a Gillette ad comes on to tell me that I absolutely need their new 5 blade razor to get that smooth face that I need, I march mindlessly to my car and drive to the mall to get it.  Never mind the 3 packs of old razors sitting in my bathroom cupboard, I'm off.  Once the credit card transaction goes through, I wake up out of my haze.  Amazed, I ask the cashier what I'm doing there and she points down at my pack of new razors.  The glazed look goes over my face again as I staight in monotone. I. Must. Get. The. Smoothest. Shave. To. Be. A. Real. Man.

NOTE:  I do not know the woman in the video or when it was produced.  I only assume that she's a feminist because of her condescending attitude, anti-corporate tone and denial of reality. 
It feels mean to pick on feminists, but they are really insidious.

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