Monday, May 23, 2011

SWPLS Hate Nature

I am borrowing the term SWPL because I don't have a better term for PC Liberals - the so-called right-thinking people, the enlightened ones.  Basically, anyone who thinks that we're all trying to find "a better way to live" and one day we can eliminate violence from the world - our nature be damned.

Why do I think that they hate nature despite all their granola munching, organic-food buying, North Face hiking boot wearing and Subaru Forester driving?  I had a conversation with one the other day - a very nice woman I know.

CDH:  I saw a crow swoop down and take a baby robin right from the nest on my neighbours house.
Very Nice Woman:  Oh my gosh. That's just awful.
CDH:  I thought it was so cool to see that part of nature.
VNW:  I don't think so.
CDH:  So you don't like nature?
VNW:  I love nature, just not when it's... like...
CDH:  That is nature.  It's the essence of nature.  Don't you like crows?
VNW:  I like them, just not...
CDH:  What about hawks?
VNW:  I like hawks too, but..
[change the subject to avoid uncomfortable moment]

Another example was posted on facebook profile of an old high-school friend about the coyote's affect on the population of her barn cats.  She said that she hated it when wild animals kill one another.

How can people live with this one-sided, rosy view of nature.  Marketers constantly pander to our inherent "Love of nature" with cute animals and flowers and trees.  I think it speaks to the cognitive dissonance in the minds (and the entire mindset) of the Left-wing picture of nature.

Note:  Now when I refer to Animal Rights Activists and their supporters, I shall call them Bunny Huggers or Animal-loving Left-Wing Nutjobs. 

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