Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

It's hard to blog.  But I always have a lot of potential posts running around in my head.  Most are long enough that it would take several hours just to write.  Many require research I just don't have time for.  So instead, here are a few random thoughts.

Hockey is the ultimate paleo sport.  Well, I suppose football might be even better, but I play hockey so I'm going with that.  Ideally, shifts are 30-45 seconds long. Your shift is like a pure sprint to muscle exhaustion, working the entire body.  With a short bench, you could be on the ice again in 30-45 seconds.

Although I find ONESTDV unnecessarily spiteful in his criticism of the left leading to an incindiary brand of racism, I find myself going back to his blog.  I find that, most weeks, he has at least one or two extremely interesting posts that make me look at a subject differently than before.  For example, he actually used the word misogynist recently in exactly the way I'd been thinking about it since I've been spending so much time at the-spearhead.  Even when he's not looking at all the sides of an argument or cherry-picking his examples, his arguments are well articulated and hit most of the right points.

I'll have to read more of Dalrock since I have more in common - wife and kids.

This is the most disgusting idea ever discussed.
Just skimming the nonsense I find this: "Men are responsible for 90% of violent crimes; wouldn’t removing them from power guarantee 90% less war?"  The reason for this is the same reason pit bulls are thought to bite more than chihuahuas.  We'll see how long women stay non-violent if we put 5 in a room and only give them 3 pork chops.

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