Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chris Robinson vs Taylor Swift or Blues Rock vs Country Pop

In reaction to this from One-STDV, regarding this from Chris Robinson

The Black Crowes were 90’s rockers. At that time, the sought-after quality in music was originality. The music and musicians had to be genuine. The true test of a song or artist was the “Unplugged” performance. The worst thing a band could do was to “sell-out”. Artists had to stand for something and it lead to a whole lot of proselytizing and revolutionary talk a la Rage Against the Machine. It culminated with Cobain blowing his head off in a move that even he would admit was an obvious cliché far beneath his level of talent.
The movement was, in part, a reaction and antithesis to the glitz and glam of the Pop genre that the music industry was pushing in the like The New Kids on the Block, Bon Jovi and Janet Jackson. Pop music continues the same as always because there is an endless supply of young, immature people out there to lap up these re-packaged clichés because to them, it is new. What’s really new are adults actually going as crazy as their kids for these, well, kids. Even I, though, have to admit that Justin Beiber has quite a lot of charisma and seems very talented.
So 90’s grunge began to wind down almost as soon as it started for several reasons. First, the politics began to ring hollow, especially as the economy began to turn around and things just looked better making all the whining sound trite. Also, there just weren’t enough decent musicians who could come up with something new, meaningful and catchy. Finally, it became obvious, that the lifestyle was unsustainable (See: Shannon Hoon).

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